Monday, August 1, 2011

List and Brief Review of Legitimate GPT(Get-Paid-To) & Paying Survey Sites

Here's some proven to be legitimate FREE sites that will pay cash money for you to do a variety of tasks such as zip/email submits, paid to signups, trial offers, 100% free offers, surveys, contests, games, shopping, reading emails, etc. Don't expect to get rich this way, or even to make a decent living, but if you can use some free, easy extra income then you can't go wrong with these sites. There's no cost or obligation, and you work when you want to and don't work when you don't want to. Be sure to sign up to these sites using a primary email address that you wish to work from and receive messages and offers.When you visit the sites you'll find plenty of instructions and helpful advice on how to work the sites and make money, and plenty of friendly fellow members always willing to help a "newbie" get started. Just relax, look around and familiarize yourself with all the options available to you. Enjoy!

updated 6-02-2012

Paid the Fastest

This is a fun site offering plenty of ways to earn cash for free such as completing offers and taking surveys. It's available to people in the U.S., UK and CA, although folks in other countries can also earn from this site by referring new members from these countries. There's lots of games offering great prizes to be played on this site such as blackjack, roulette, pick 3, higher/lower, checkers, spin the wheel and raffles. You can cash out through Paypal and be paid instantly anytime you have as little as $1.00 in earnings, or be paid from a variety of other options like Amazon, Ebay, or a huge assortment of other gift cards. A very good site. Highly recommended. 


This site's been in business since 2006, which in the GPT world makes them an old, established, reliable company. I think about the only requirements are to understand English, be at least 16, and provide truthful information. You can cash out as little as $1.00 through Paypal and be paid instantly, or get paid by check, Amazon gift card, or through AlertPay. They also have weekly contests and other means to earn extra income besides the basic offer completions, paid-to-clicks, and website visits. Thumbs up!

Join Treasure Trooper  
This is another fun site offering tons of ways to earn cash in addition to the usual offer completions and surveys. There's contests, treasure hunts, tasks such as visiting various locations and determining if they are bona fide web pages or not...all for pay. They've been around a long time and have paid out millions of dollars to their members. They pay once a month assuming you've reached the $20.00 minimum, which is easy enough, but if you're short then your balance carries over to the next month until you reach it. Pays by PayPal or check. Open to members from all countries, although the greatest amount of the offers are only available to residents of the U.S., UK and Canada. Completely free! Excellent site!

Cash Crate

This is another well-established site that's been in business since 2006 and has a sterling reputation. People from all countries are welcome to join but the majority of offers are only available in English-speaking countries. Payment is mailed out by check once a month once you reach the minimum $20.00 in earnings. Earn cash and prizes by doing free offers, taking surveys, shopping and games. Double thumbs up!

Inbox Dollars
This free site is open to members from all countries and will pay you to read emails, complete tasks, and complete surveys and offers. They've been in business a long time and are extremely trustworthy. They pay by check once you've reached the minimum payout of $30.00. They will email you 2-3 offers daily and you can visit the site to earn more. Highly recommended! Thumbs up!

Join Cashle 
Cashle is open to people from all countries as long as they understand English. You can earn cash and prizes by completing a variety of tasks, taking surveys, doing offers, taking free trials, shopping, etc. There's several instant payment options including PayPal, AlertPay, and E-Gold, or get paid by check or a variety of gift cards. Payments are processed on weekdays only. They also have been in business a long time and are quite trustworthy. Great site! One of the best!

Quick Rewards

This well-established site is only available to residents of the U.S., UK and Canada. Earn free money by clicking ads, watching videos, taking surveys, doing offers, filling out forms, shopping plus much more. Cash out anytime and as often as you like with no minimum through PayPal, or choose your payment through a huge selection of gift and gas cards including Amazon, Ebay, BP, and more. They will email you several offers and surveys every day, plus you can visit the site to earn more money. An excellent site! A+++

Click or Signup

This site is open to members from the U.S., UK, CA and AU. Earn cash, like the name implies, from clicking ads and signing up for free offers. There's also daily contests, drawings and promotions to win more cash and prizes! You can cash out daily through PayPal or receive payment by check or gift cards. Highly recommended!  

Send Earnings

Send Earnings will email you a few offers daily of which you'll be paid just for clicking on them, and paid more for completing them. You can also visit the site for more ways to earn such as surveys, games and shopping. Open to all nationalities they pay by check once you've reached the minimum of $30.00. A well-established site. Double thumbs up!

The rest of these sites are all paid surveys only. They've all been around for several years at least and have all proven themselves time and again to be honest. You complete their surveys and you will get paid.

HCD Research
HCD offers some very interesting surveys seeking public opinion about politics, news, sports and other recent events. You'll also be offered surveys regarding medical conditions and consumer products. They pay by check or PayPal. This company and their surveys are in high demand so you won't get a lot of invitations to participate and when you do the surveys generally close within a few hours having gotten the maximum number of respondents. So when you receive an invitation, jump on it, it won't last long!

American Consumer Opinion

This site is available to members of all nationalities. They will email you invitations to participate in surveys a few times a week and you can request payment anytime you have at least $10.00 in your account. Payment is made by check. They've been in business a lot of years and are completely trustworthy. Excellent site! 

Daily Survey Panel 

They'll send you lots of survey opportunities, about 6-10 every day, plus you can visit their site to see if anything new came in. They are currently only accepting members from the U.S., UK and CA. Cash out anytime and be paid by PayPal or a variety of gift cards. They are an offshoot of the GPT site Quick Rewards which has been in business for many years and enjoys a sterling reputation for honesty.

Mindfield has been in business a long time and is a leader in the survey industry. They're currently only accepting members from the U.S. and Canada. You can cash out anytime you have a minimum of $5.00 in your account and be paid by PayPal, check or Amazon gift card. They email invitations to take surveys to you and you can also visit the website. One of the best! A+++  

Survey Savvy   
Survey Savvy is an international site accepting members from all points of the globe. They email survey invitations to you and you can also visit the site anytime you like. You can request payment anytime and a check will be mailed to you. They have the best referral program of any of the survey sites, paying the referrer for each survey that their referral completes, plus paying for each survey that their referrals' referrals completes! This can really add up! An excellent site!




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